The Cause

Climate Cycle’s mission is inspiring students to green our world. We focus on both personal and planetary sustainability to reduce our environmental footprint while enhancing our personal health. Global warming, a growing obesity epidemic, and economic improvement are several reasons why we feel it is imperative to act now on behalf of our children’s health and that of their planet.

Global Warming: Global warming caused by CO2 emissions is one of the most urgent issues facing humanity and our planet. CO2 emissions reached a record high of 36.8 billion tons in 2022, with 75% being cause by the combustion of fossil fuels. 2023 will likely be the hottest year in recorded history, with the 8 hottest years on record all having occured in the last 8 years.. We are the cause of this great warming; but also possess the tools and ingenuity to combat it.



Video courtesy of NASA