Regeneration Stations

April of 2024 will mark the official school launch of “ReGeneration Stations.” This exciting
new flagship projects sees Climate Cycle’s mission of Inspiring ReGeneration building in new
and exciting ways.

ReGeneration Stations consist of stationary bike generators powered by students that charge
“Energy Banks” and run classroom appliances. Multiple metrics are aggregated by the Energy
Bank that can be integrated into existing math and science curriculum, embodying a whole
new level of classroom “exercises.”

The flagship ReGeneration Station will be installed at the Prairie Crossing
Charter School (PCCS). Their Dean of Sustainability, Naomi Hershiser, is overseeing the
implementation of the program into all K-8 grade levels, with an emphasis on 4th and 5th. Our
shared partnership goal is to create a replicable model that can then be customized for
schools throughout the Chicagoland area.


Exciting news! The first ever ReGeneration Station is entering its final buildout phase. The
picture below shows the unfinished “Energy Bank” that stores the pedal power energy and will
power classroom devices, along with providing real-time data for a medley of metrics. It’s
equipped with (2) 150 AH Lithium Ion batteries, an inverter, 2 screens for live data readouts, and

The team at Rock the Bike (contracted to build the system) is working diligently on the final
code and circuitry of the system, along with completing the Energy Bank’s shell. A custom built
crate will ensure a seamless shipping from Oakland California to the Prairie Crossing school in
Grayslake, IL., along with two stationary bike generators.